You're Perfectly Okay. How to believe it.


Change the way you feel about yourself in 10 weeks!


Would you like to live a live free of pretence, self-loathing, disillusionment and ongoing disappointment? With yourself and/or with others?

  • Do you want people to like and accept you, just as you are?

  • Do you struggle to stay in relationships or friendships, because nothing ever works out?

  • Do you find it hard to make change in your life that's meaningful and lasting?


Mmmm… and do you sometimes wonder what's wrong with you?


The good news is that NOTHING is wrong with you. It just takes some unlearning – and possibly new learnings to discover this.


Let me show you how in 8 short weeks. Once you’ve grasped some pretty basic concepts, your thinking will change. Radically! And this new thinking will change your life. And your relationships. And most importantly – your future. Guaranteed.


What is there to lose? 


Why do this course?


This 10 module course helps you to meet your real self and drop the pretence and mask that life so often dictates we create. Giving yourself permission provides you with true personal freedom - a life free from expectation, skewed perception, good vs bad thinking and the resultant self-loathing and disillusionment. This journey encourages you to meet all your parts and make peace with them. This discovery will make your life feel easier through an authentic expression of both love and compassion. For yourself and for others.


  1. Peace is the outcome

  2. Who is the WHOLE YOU? Discover the hidden parts and make peace with him/her.

  3. Engage your inner strength (NOT inner strengths!) and present this person to the world.

  4. Understand your incessant inner nagging voice that constantly reminds you of what’s wrong.

  5. How do your thoughts affect your emotions? How do your emotions affect your behaviour? Are you seeing the repeating results in your life?

  6. Release how perceptions & projections rule you and keep you trapped.

  7. Honest self expression has rewarding effects on all relationships

  8. Break free from your beliefs & fears that limit you. Do you know the full and far-reaching extent to them?

  9. Discover how to let your spirit soar.

  10. Embrace Self-Trust - Your important co-creator in life.

  11. Disconnect from the ongoing drama of your life and create new opportunities.

  12. Give yourself permission to pursue your Big Dream through a new understanding of intention and affirmations.

  13. Gain a refreshing understanding of relationships to make them easier.

  14. Set yourself free and move yourself forward. Towards anything and everything.

  15. You are worth getting to know and accept

  16. You’ll discover you’re not alone

  17. Experience life as fun again

  18. Long-lasting transformation doesn’t come from a band-aid approach

  19. Discover possibility not limitation

  20. Enjoy being ‘Home’ in yourself again

  21. Make friends with fear, anxiety and engage them to fuel desire, contentment and ultimately peace.

  22. It’s not about changing you, but accepting who’s always been there.


This is a course to help you to learn, assimilate and integrate valuable personal growth concepts.  Because the course is so personal and practical, you’re guaranteed to feel and see the changes happening in your life in a sustainable way!







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