I am a transition and self-trust coach - assisting you with all forms of life challenges and transitions. Changes and transitions don’t determine who you are - who you are determines the shape and effect of the transition.


Transition is the process/period of changing from one state/condition to another. This can include emotional or physical transitions, relationship changes, lifestyle, career or health changes. Establishing self-acceptance through discovering who you are provides a firm platform for you to return to and operate from.

The change will then provide you with a more intimate opportunity to engage with yourself. Engaging with yourself often involves unraveling and then recreating. So, how do you start?

  • Work out who you are

    • The WHO includes

      • Your beliefs

      • your desires

      • your limitations

      • your shadow self

      • your highest self

      • your perceptions

      • your biology


During this unravelling process you may start to discover that the WHAT you want from your life also starts to change. It ill now be aligned with the now WHO you’re becoming. Finally once you’ve stepped into the WHAT from a new WHO - the WHY of your life becomes apparent. And clear.




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What's Involved?






Once you've taken advantage of the obligation free trial session and agreed to go ahead with personal coaching you'll enter into a contract with your personal coach.


This usually includes six sessions and sessions are held weekly or two weekly.


You will receive a "Path to Wholeness' workbook as well as a personal journal.

As far as possible we follow the unique 'Path to Wholeness' program, but are not restricted to it.


During the contract period, all phone and email consultations are complimentary.


A taste of the outcomes you can expect:

  • A sense of freedom.. Who you really are.

  • A change of mindset. (Ways you'll never have thought before)

  • Liberation of limiting beliefs and life rules

  • Self Acceptance

  • Meaning and purpose

  • Understanding control and uncertainty in your life

  • Passion and happiness





I often get asked by clients ...

"Why don't they teach this stuff at school?! My life would have changed years ago!"





Call us now for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.


What are you waiting for?

Still undecided? Other options:

Why Completely Human Personal Coaching?


Haven’t you ever thought it was time to examine the contents of your life?


Which parts are in harmony with the life you’ve dreamed of and in alignment with the person you know you really are?

Are you being honest with yourself – and with others about who you really are? Or is the front you put up a well practiced mask?

I guess the most important question is – are you being truthful with yourself? Are you really happy? Are you really living the life you desire? Are your relationships everything they could be?


Or are you avoiding some uncomfortable truths, hidden behind anger, resentment, frustration and defensiveness? If this is the case, you’re keeping yourself prisoner in a fragile world. This kind of living is ‘too hard’ and not necessary.

Frankly - Your life is too short to fight with yourself.


Let me show you how to stop the struggle and change the way you think. Changing your thinking leads to change in behaviour. Changed behaviour allows you to experience changed results  in life. And that changes everything. Career, relationships, family and friendships.


I offer a variety of services (and two products) that will help put you on this amazing path!

If you’re unsure, please book into one of our seminar evenings that should give you a taste.

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