Completely Human is a unique concept developed by two ladies, Heidi Cornelissen and Helen Human, who firmly believe that life is meant for living.
And by living, we mean active participation in your life.


Helen Human

Heidi Cornelissen, BComm (Acc), MBA, Life Coach Certified

Heidi Cornelissen has a background in Accounting and Financial management. Her qualifications include an MBA, where she specialised in Organisational Behaviour as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy.


She spent 15 years working as Financial & Human Resources Managers in Corporate organisations, and then qualified as a Life Coach and Fitness Instructor.  Her personal journey in ‘the second half of her life’ unravelled her unique understanding of authenticity, fulfilment, happiness, love and success. This led her into the world of life coaching, where she provides the same opportunity to you.


She is the author of 'Completely Human: How Authenticity Leads to Personal Freedom & Meaning'. She has also created a deck of inspirational oracle cards called: 'Animal Instincts'.


Completely Human's passion is YOU – the individual. She helps you engage with who you really (authentically) are and what you really (honestly) want. Her commitment is to help you feel first and foremost okay about who you are. To recognise your constant self-battering to allow you to move forward. She’s all about you giving yourself permission which opens you up to opportunities and experiences. Don’t you want to lose the feeling of ‘What’s wrong with me?’


Her life coaching involves creating a safe space to undergo meaningful self-discovery of your own. Meaningful, honest and authentic self-discovery allows you to live a more abundant life from the inside-out.


One of her clients has described this experience as ‘feeling like I’ve won the lotto!’





Helen Human has a B degree in International Politics and Philosophy. She was awarded the prize for Best Student in final year in International Politics.

After qualifying she worked as a reporter at The Star, the largest daily newspaper in the country.


She showed excellence by writing the Star’s official entry for Consumer Journalist of the Year award.

She left the Star and then joined the advertising agency Barker Mc Cormac, to where she was appointed to the Board at the young age of 29.

She then left them to start her own company at age 32 in the recruitment advertising industry. This little company (Human Communications) has since risen to be the biggest recruitment advertising agency in the country (by a very big margin)

As she is recognised as a market leader she is consulted frequently by the media for business inputs and financial forecasting

Her achievements were consolidated when she was honoured by winning the industry ‘Lifetime Achiever Award’ in 2006.

This merely added to her numerous awards that she won over the years for professionalism and creativity in advertising

Being a young woman starting up, she obviously successfully broke through the ‘glass ceiling’ when starting her business.

She has not limited herself to one operation however and has since started two smaller advertising agencies of whom she is constantly nurturing the CEO’s and providing a lot of strategic guidance to them.

Deciding she needed to branch out beyond recruitment advertising she started a property development company, which has traded very successfully and currently holds a number of very large pieces of real estate.




"Heidi provides excellent support while allowing in-depth exploration of all relevant issues. Her nonthreateningbut forthright manner facilitates personal growth. Thanks for an insightful experience"- Lesley


Heidi is a true leader in her field. I was fortunate enough to be trained by Heidi in 2002/2003. The
training that I received has benefitted me in my financial field and still provides me with excellent
expertise today.
- Ilse, SA


"The saying, "Lead by example" is what I think of when I think of Heidi. Being around her and
dealing with her on a daily basis is inspiring. She made me realise anything is possible."
- Kathleen

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