This is a book that doesn’t help you improve – but gives you permission to be yourself. And love yourself, warts and all. You’ll learn that you’re not alone or different to anyone else. It’s easier to let go and just be who you are, once you understand who that is. And that’s how your world changes magnificently.

How Authenticity Leads to Personal Meaning & Freed

  • Oprah Winfrey released a few pages of her personal journey to the public recently and I got excited that celebrities are starting to share more and that audiences are ready to receive this truth. I believe the world is searching for real truth and honesty. Seeing it in others helps us feel okay about who we are.

    A rapid amount of headway has been made in the self-help arena in the past decades especially regarding the Law of Attraction models. These models have also evolved and changed over time, but were the opening of a new drive to meet the average man on the street, encouraging personal or spiritual development work. The largest benefit is that so many of these concepts and principles are familiar to people all over the world who have started on journeys of personal transformation.

    But - I think we’re now ready for the next step in creating self-empowered and meaningful lives. I think it’s time to get honest about who we are during our individual processes of change. This book provides that. It includes raw honesty, even in the form of real, original journal entries that I have recorded over my journey so far. I’ve included excerpts from my own feeling-space. I trust this level of vulnerability will resonate with you, the reader, and ignite a spark that says, “Oh, that sounds like me. I also feel like that!”

    It is like you. And like most others.

    My story is one of a ‘normal, average’ person (me) who had a seemingly perfect life on the surface, but carrying an empty, nagging feeling that there must be more to her than this. Many people believe they have no choice but to live like this. There is no huge tragedy or life-alteri

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