Workshops & Retreats

1.      Feed Your Soul


A two day event (or one day if you prefer!) that will enrich and nourish your life.


A variety of practitioners present various healing modalities and informations sessions. There will be things you may never have heard of before!

Be prepared for life transformation and meeting of like-souled individuals all on wondrous journeys.


One-on-one sessions are provided to the first 20 attendees for clairvoyant and healing sessions.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFORMATION

2. You're Perfectly Okay. How To Believe It.


This is an 8-week course held in the evenings.


This course starts with a questionnaire of how well you know yourself ...

so it's a soul-journey for 8 intensive, thought-provoking weeks that results in self-acceptance, meaning and purpose.


3.   The Who, What & Why Group

Ever considered those large questions like: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is The Meaning of Life?

In this group we will explore these questions in both a casual and structured way for some insights and broadened perspectives. The answers are different for everyone and much of it falls back on self-trust, an underestimated personal skill. The unravelling process of discovering who you are can be daunting, yet incredibly rewarding and ultimately fulfilling. Wouldn't it be nice to do all this in a safe, fun and exploratory environment?


More details here

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