Hi, I'm Heidi and I spent far too many years living a life for others - with a need to prove something... to my family, in my career and in my relationships. Living like that was too hard and far too unrewarding.


This has all changed now... and I'd love to show you how to create this kind of free and authentic life for yourself. Wouldn't you like to live a happy life with resilience & meaning? I can help you in a variety of ways:


  • Free Seminar Meetup Group to 'get a taste't all changed - and I can show you how. How to set yourself free from lables, conditioning, negative thought patterns, self-critique and all the self-loathing voices we are accustomed to living with that start to define who we are. To our own limited detriment.

It's never too late to be who you might have been...

George Eliot



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It’s a lovely feeling when you turn your goals (dreams) into reality!


N Cussen, Perth

Life Coaching personal development Melbourne, spiritual development


I can’t thank you enough for your help in creating my own successful recipe for happiness. After one meeting with you I not only felt calm and more collected, but my friends, colleagues and family also noticed the change in me.


K Claesson, Greenwood


I gained a lot of positive insight into my life which I thought was in a negative state, with ageing parents and a mentally ill father who continues to create havoc with those associated with his affairs. Through the art therapy course I was able to put my life and the lives of others into perspective. I could see the path ahead and …. came home thinking more positively about my situation with the view to take each day with renewed vision….  

Katie Angel, Mount Nasura


Heidi is an excellent public speaker. You speak from the heart and deliver your message in a very powerful way.

Emma, Perth


Heidi has a talent for getting to core truths in completely non-intimidating ways. 

Benjamin, Perth


I read Heidi's inspiring Newsletter for a while, until I decided to book a Life Coaching workshop at the beginning of this year to review my goals, needs and wants. I found this to be a very important day to help me on my personal journey to become "completely human "

Her supportive words, wisdom and encouragement along with her listening skills and invaluable reading recommendation have allowed me to enjoy myself just for who I am, a step closer to "completely me".


Silvia Laing, Clarkson


…  this Life Coaching through Creative Art is akin to an outlet of the Soul.


My final piece of art, hangs in my study, a testimony of inner self expression, or rather, guided by a gifted, patient and unique Life Coach, gently leading you, explaining, to you, the creative purpose and process, step by step, with passion and a genuiness and sincere approach, so much so, she comes across like  a bridge, so to speak, from within you to final canvas, Absolutely, exciting, thought provoking and relaxing workshop.


T Flurscheim, Wembley


What would it take to feel okay just as you are... always?  It starts with giving yourself permission to just be.

What is Life Coaching?

A process of moving from “not knowing” or “not doing” (ie. Powerlessness) to discovering your own answers. Very importantly it also includes having the sustainable belief in them to effect positive and healthy change in your own life.


This requires taking time out to question and challenge your own assumptions: focusing on what your own life is really about – NOT what you or others think it should be.


Life coaches don't provide the answers – we merely facilitate your journey through purposeful conversation to discover your unique answers. You'll change the way you think, what you believe you know and reduce any rigidity within which you may confine yourself.


The biggest benefit of life coaching is the self-awareness it brings and allows you to have peace with your life choices.

That’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

How do I choose a life coach?

Ask the coach what speciality they have and how they got to be coaching that speciality.


Too many coaches coach from a prescribed platform or franchise model. This loses the personal experience from which the best learning and inspiration happens.


Feel free to ask your coach what personal development work he/she has undergone – and importantly – is still undergoing. The journey never stops! If a coach is coaching, he/she should still be coached. You don’t want your coach stagnating!

How do I know I need a life coach?

If you're wondering about these services, then I'd suggest you're looking for some sort of support.


Are you struggling with any aspect of your life?

Are relationships difficult for you?


If you have a nagging feeling about how your life has turned out, then perhaps you'd appreciate a fresh perspective?


Trying an obligation-free trial session should put your mind at ease! You have nothing to lose.

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